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    Thank you for your feedback, what you are saying helps me alot, especially as I can compare it to the feedback of others.
    Some things are working as intended, others not so much and then there are bits were I simply messed up.

    What worked: the mill; that one is intentional and that is the feeling I am trying to evoke.

    What fails: Barbara, she describes herself as someone who has decades of training of being young. But that remark alone is not sufficient to carry that idea. That needs more work in revision.

    And were I was simply not paying enough attention: the Lind bit. Thatís just me being an idiot.

    I'm glad to hear that you will be joining us soon. I think I vaguely remember your story from 2016 but won't go back and check, so that I can read your new work with fresh eyes. Wild and not in the direction I wanted it to go. But after over 2500 words I finally reached the point that I want to get to. One I imagined could be reached in one or two neat paragraphs. Well... this is the NaNoWriMo way in the end. The story leads I follow.
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