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    Carbon your words are as always very helpful. While I enjoy writing the story it is filled with a lot of problems and there keep appearing things that simply don't work, at least not as I had planned them.
    However this year I'm less prone to pulling my hair out in frustration because of them, instead I am learning a lot about how stories are built and what are important bits and pieces that you need to add to it to make them really shine.
    That you still think of the story as nice and relaxing is actually a great relief, as the intended flavour of the story has survived my epic deviation.

    My final word count excluding the reworked prologue lies at 33666. I had hoped to actually reach the 50k this year. But I'm happy. I have learned a lot, I did write regularly and there are many bits and pieces I'm happy with. I'm going to keep on writing until I reach the 'plot twist' at least or will at least try to do so.

    Again many, many thanks your kind words and feedback have been an incredible help.
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