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    Tbf it doesnít look much more advanced technically than the fallout engine (although I think it is a bit better) and yet obsidian get a smoother ride.
    I guess itís because Bethesda have been milking that engine for so long despite cryís of ďplease spend some of your mountain of cashĒ

    Iím definitely getting this, unless itís a total turkey but I donít see that happening. One thing that did disappoint me in the extended reveal though was the lockpick process was just -hold down a button- I like a more tactile approach, funnily enough like the beth games do it as Iím always hacking and lock picking in those games.

    Itís not looking revolutionary, the shooting looks a bit flat and the dialogue tree stuff is nothing new but at least the setting is a bit different and I love a bit of sci-fi. At this point Iíll take a traditional FPS rpg though as we seem a bit starved thanks to the dogshit that is 76.
    I wonder how close to starfield this is?
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