#12386206, By Yorkshire_Bourne Titanfall Battle Royale to release Monday? (Apex Legends)

  • Yorkshire_Bourne 13 Feb 2019 13:14:24 405 posts
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    Had my first "OMG YOU'RE FUCKING SHIT!!!" outburst from some spotty, teenage-sounding motherfucker this morning on the PC version. I think I've come across more polite and helpful French players on this than anywhere else!

    I also joined the PS4 community late last night to check out what was going on, and see if there were any like minded 30+ players who wanted to play for the fun of it in the wee small hours.

    Unfortunately the whole message board is filled with "LF SWEAT LVL 35+ ONLY. MUST BE GOOD. NEED PHOTO TO PROVE. BANGALORE AND WRAITH TAKEN"

    FFS, the kids are taking over!
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