#12386450, By Yorkshire_Bourne Titanfall Battle Royale to release Monday? (Apex Legends)

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    Derblington wrote:
    Yorkshire_Bourne wrote:
    @richardiox I watched a YouTube video on this today,and unless it's changed, you get

    3 Founder skins (1 Bloodhound, 1 Gibralter, 1 Wraith). Although they all have the same colourway and tbh look like commons!

    3 Founder banners (for above characters. Again, look common)

    1 legendary skin (think its for R 101)

    And that's it I believe.

    Guy reviewing it said you're basically better off spending less money, and getting the 2100 apex coin pack to unlock the characters!
    Isn't that the Founder's pack?
    Just rewatched and yes. I am a dumb fuck!
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