#12387568, By Yorkshire_Bourne Titanfall Battle Royale to release Monday? (Apex Legends)

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    Mekanik wrote:
    Yorkshire_Bourne wrote:
    I intend to splurge 15.99 this weekend, and that's solely for the 2 extra characters. Seriously not that arsed about whether my character is blue, green or shiny!

    On another note, just won another game with 2 higher lvl randoms. Most important stat at the end of the game was the combined kill total between the three of us!

    1 kill!

    It might only have been 1, but it was the winning one lol
    You can actually buy the 2 legends from the coin stuff that drops. No need to spend any money.

    Personally I bought the founders pack because ive already sunk 50+ hours in to this so feel Respawn deserve some of my pennies.
    Yeah I know, but I only have 9000 coins at the moment and I can't decide which character I want to try first.

    Plus, like you, I want to give a bit of something to say thanks.
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