#12388244, By Yorkshire_Bourne Titanfall Battle Royale to release Monday? (Apex Legends)

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    Playing on PC earlier I was seeing loads of direct shots to various parts of the body totally written off as if I'd never fired, happened with various weapons too including the shotguns!

    Literally spewed out over 180 light bullets with the Alternator whilst trying to take out 1 guy in front of me. I'm assuming he was having a similar wtf moment, as he wasn't hitting me much as we jumped around, reloading furiously and returning fire.

    Ended up running out of ammo and switching to the Wingman, which was even less fun to use when your reloading every 6 sodding bullets!

    I seem to have more lag on the PC version too which just seems odd as normally its the other way around for me.

    Ended up running out of ammo
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