#12385088, By amzoun95 How close are we to deep dive / full immersion VR?

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    People are already living in a "human zoo". Single men get labelled MGTOW (”Men Going Their Own Way”). Much like single-parent females. Hardly interested in humans nor the outdoors but instead save up for holidays abroad. Once they get over cabin fever they are in their own world. Given the alternative of having to support another human plus being trapped by unplanned offspring with debts incurred from borrowing way too much to finance it all and then considering it falling apart and giving away half your assets then life in VR can be a reality. No doubt many of you are there right now! I bet most of us did worry in apprehension what if we prefer VR to daily life? I thought this just as getting into fps was getting more real and made me still think I was a Soldier walking on dark footpaths or in my car treating it like I could handbrake it around corners. People will sure enough become zombies!
    You can check this out, maybe it can helps : http://keistaru.com/2UAT
    see : https://pnrstatus.vip/ , https://textnow.vip/ , https://downloader.vip/vpn/

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