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    Played for a few hours, and it's very good, Stalker-lite with a story.

    Gorgeous, great vistas, and I'm only a third of the way through the first zone. There is an obligatory introduction setting things up for about 40mins, and then it guides you through the new mechanics in the early part of the first zone, that I'm already loving. A zealot church, an 'exiled' mechanic, a bridge to assault, all set amongst a flooded landscape, dotted with ruined houses that might be worth exploring, ruins brimming with mutants, and an underground tunnel network I think I've barely touched offering all kinds of sneaky approaches.

    Old Far Cry 2 style choosing night/day by resting in beds is in, and there seems to be time progression naturally anyway, so it'll be fun for those sneaky night assaults. Lots of little safehouses dotted around for this, and ammo/weapon crafting at the workbenches too. The backpack system is handy for switching up a weapon, changing that 4x for a reflex heading into a building, and the odd bit of secondary/medkit/filter top-ups in emergency, but I'm sure it'll offer more.

    If I had complaints, the gunplay feels a little light compared to the brutality of the previous two, and the load times do feel somewhat horrendous for a checkpoint restart - must get into the habit of quicksave/load. This is on base PS4/disc, so I'd imagine it'd be far better on download/SSD etc. There's also an annoying aim-assist for us console plebs at least, with a weird mix of quick-scope headshots and throwing your aim off everywhere - haven't found an option to switch it off, but there is a patch (3.7GB) waiting in the wings.

    But yeah, it's good. Much more slow-burn than before, punctuated by similar bursts of action. Looking forward to getting some carriages hooked up to this train !
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