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    JamboWayOh wrote:
    neems wrote:
    A question for anybody who has finished Volga -

    Did you have to fight the Tsar-Fish at all? I had a couple of run ins with him, but as far as I'm aware he was still merrily swimming around and being worshipped when we crossed the bridge.
    I sent to him a 'better place'.
    Yep, you've missed something along the way. That might include NVGs.
    Psychotext would be disappointed for sure.

    Recovering from man-flu, just about managed a couple of hours in Caspian tonight, pretty much back where I was, and no further crashes at all. Decided to investigate the ATC area to the south-east, and I'm glad I've realised the best way to fight the mutantmen - the incendiary ammo for the Tikhar.

    In saying that, it pretty much destroys anything. Spiders, mutants, bandits, gargoyles.....doesn't matter. Everything barbecues the same.
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