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    That's always been the Metro way though, clumsy, bulky and awkward. If anything, it's a lot slicker than the original.

    Well, couldn't wait, and powered through to the end tonight. Bloody amazing, and saddened at the same time, with Taiga being a tad too linear/short, despite the purity of a no-kill run, even passing on the crossbow temptation, and the finale the typical panic-ridden ride with little in the way of choice/exploration. As with previous installments, I really had no idea what the hell I was doing, where I was going, squinting through a sweat drenched, cracked and patched mask and yet the game stiil subtly guides you beautifully amidst the chaos. The Russian bleakness gets to you though.

    Ended up with a so-so ending - Miller dying, Anna and Artyom surviving, thanks Duke. Still need to suss what went wrong there, but that no-kill Taiga must've swung some karma back.

    Loved it despite those niggles, the customising on the fly so effortless, great atmosphere and Caspian stands out as probably one of my favourite areas in gaming - those moments of blinding sunlight, the sunsets and rises, and the Mad Max/Borderlands vibe throughout.

    Oh, and not a single crash since that one. You've redeemed yourself Metro.
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