#12403646, By TheKeyToTime Phoenix Point Refunds seem to be a huge mess.

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    I don't know how many people have heard but Phoenix Point the XCom spiritual successor has now gone over to the EPIC game store.

    I am not going to go over the whole moving from GOG/Steam to EPIC as that was done with metro Exodus but with what is happening specifically with PP.

    Firstly the community manager on Discord was completely tone deaf when he posted "it doesn't matter if we get 100% refunds we'll be better off". So all the backers were a cheap loan until you could get to a certain point then run off to EPIC for a cash handout.

    My main part of the post is about the promised refunds, on the YouTube video and the FAQ it says we can have a refund if we don't like it.

    I went and put a claim in and at the bottom of the google Docs form they are using to process claims it says we have to wait 28 Working days when a 3rd Party company will contact us to sort out payment. People on Reddit have looked into it and you will have to given them your personal details including bank accounts to get the money.

    I emailed the developers as I paid for it on PayPal and what was interesting is that how they are taking payments for the game. You pay PayPal who then pays yet another payment site (Xsolla based in Hong Kong) and if I want my money back via PayPal I need to open a dispute as Xsolla won't refund the money no matter what SnapShot games says.

    The whole matter stinks and it seems that they are trying their best to hold onto the money whilst trying to seem all so reasonable.

    So I am now waiting for PayPal to get back to me as I have opened a dispute as SnapShot games seem to be intent on obscuring their finances and making it hard to get my money back no matter what they claim.

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