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    FussyDuck wrote:
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    so, is this maybe to stop any people on the forum using PM's to plan bad shit?
    Nah. *People who want to do that use encrypted channels. EG retains all their PMs in plain text. They've probably just realised the GDPR risk associated with them storing all our home addresses, phone numbers etc.

    Nailed it.
    I'm not buying the GDPR excuse - that stops you from holding personal information that is (only) useful for a reasonable period of time. Make PMs one time read and then nuke them.

    Or is Rodge afraid of a data breach?
    There's loads of way you could get round GDPR, but they'd all require development effort and therefore money. I imagine this solution is the cheapest one.

    Still, it's a bit shit and makes it practically impossible for people to run some of the better threads on here.
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