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    I'm amazed by the negativity in this thread. It's not going to be perfect straight away, but it doesn't really need to be. It's not a hardware launch where they could end up with millions of unsold devices, so they don't need people to immediately replace their PCs or consoles with it for it to be successful. It could basically be everyone's second gaming system, and will possibly replace traditional consoles eventually (if/when the tech is proven to work).

    The comparisons to OnLive are valid, but it's ignoring the fact that this is Google.

    I reckon it could be the future.
    mp3s were the future and they're shit.
    Surely music is a good example of how it could work. You have the 10 a month for unlimited streaming of practically any song with average sound quality, but you still have the option of mega expensive hifi and CD/vinyl.

    Most people don't really care for the absolute best performance, they just need it to be good enough. That's why consoles are so popular and why not everyone buys expensive PCs. Obviously the people who love playing games on max settings won't like it, but I'm sure they'll still be able to play games in a more traditional format, just like you can still buy blu rays and vinyl now

    The Switch is a good example of this. To me, Super Mario Odyssey looks really nice playing on my average TV. If it had fancier graphics on a more powerful console, or a higher resolution on a better TV, it wouldn't fundamentally change how much I enjoyed the game. I imagine most people think like that.

    The main challenge that streaming games will have will be input lag, if they can solve this so it's at a point you don't really notice then they've pretty much nailed it.
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