#12429596, By andytheadequate Eurogamer needs more female staff

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    It always makes me laugh when I hear someone say they've never met a female core gamer (or any other large section of society and a hobby). All it shows is that their social group is pretty small, or not massively diverse. Nothing wrong with that of course, but don't pretend it's a universal truth.

    Gaming is male dominated industry because gamers are generally male; it's not exactly rocket science or controversial to point that out. But the key is to make it as open to anyone, which involves not abusing people whilst playing games, sending death threats via Twitter and to make the recruitment process as open as possible (as others have mentioned). Gaming is pretty terrible at this, it seems to attract a vocal minority of ultra nerds that seem to see women (or pretty much anyone outside of their circle) as outsiders and react angrily to them.
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