#784381, By Harpe Xbox 360 - a grubby truth?

  • Harpe 23 Jun 2005 12:55:54 84 posts
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    I had the double-edged pleasure of being at the ELSPA Summit for the last two days and I just wanted to share an observation.

    Peter Moore gave a very interesting (if perhaps overly PS3 bashing) keynote speech during which he handed around a 360 console and controller for everyone present to take a gander at while he talked. He was at pains to explain it was obviously a prototype and only the style was representative of the finished product (it felt light enough to be empty inside so I'd hope so).

    Now, by the time it got to me it had been round nearly the whole room and as I sat there getting a feel for the controller (very comfy if a total of 60secs is anything to go by - which it isn't) and holding it up for a neighboring journalist to take a couple of pictures of - I noticed something.

    Despite the dimmed lights the pad was noticably pretty dirty - grimy even, the eggshell white dimmed to a grey by the passage of so many hands (presuming that Mr. Moore had not handed out a ready-dirtied pad - which is possible). The console itself wasn't as bad but ceratinly looked 'soiled'. If you'll pardon the expression.

    Now I don't mind admitting that I am a slightly sweaty-handed gamer and that a pad that reacts like a global hypercolour t-shirt to the stress of a game on you - which you then might pass round to the next friend on the couch - doesn't light my fire.

    Not a reason to go without the console at all you might say and I'll agree, but, urggh.

    Or am I being a big girl's blouse?
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