#795196, By QuickBen War of the Worlds thread - Spoilers too!!

  • QuickBen 30 Jun 2005 21:31:30 113 posts
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    Yeah but this one has a spoiler warning :) So spoilers ahoy....

    "I hope he get's death rayed the fuck right out of the film"

    For me the death rays are the star of the film. The opening scene where there's people getting disintegrated left, right and center is just amazing. Incidentaly in the original had the tripods been left underground for millions of years? That seemed odd to me?

    Dakota Fanning is fine. Tom is ok, and that largely is the cast covered.

    The film focuses on Cruises family almost totaly and yet its really dificult to empathise with them, and strangely the story feels empty, its like it never really knows where its going, which I guess is partly the point, but it left me feeling disinterested between the big set peices.

    Top comedy moment for me was the train level crossing barriers going down and then everyone watching the buring train roll by and then acting as if nothing had happpened. Not sure if it was meant to be funny, but it got a laugh from the audiance.
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