#794148, By QuickBen PS3 to make a $100 loss ... oh dear what will be first to go?

  • QuickBen 30 Jun 2005 12:17:09 113 posts
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    BartonFink wrote:
    Does it really need Blu-Ray?
    No, and Blu-Ray is the only place they could really cut the cost, but I don't think Blu-Ray is there to make the PS3 better. I think Its there to get Blu-ray machines into the living room to try and help Sony win the the battle with HD-DVD. Which I guess is why they're prepared to take a hit on it.

    As for the price gap I wonder whether it will be different in the different regions like the PSP/DS was. So in Japan where the 360 probably doesn't have much of a chance the gap will be $100, but in the US where Sony know they've got a real fight it could be nothing at all? Here in Europe of course we'll just get screwed by both of them :(

    Blerk wrote:
    Indeed, I know a huge number of PS2 owners, none of which 'regret' their purchase. Although some of them have Xboxen as well.
    Just about every PS2 ownerI know will simply buy the PS3 without thinking because they want GTA4, GT5, MGS4, and they'll get suckered by the old "you can play your old PS2 games" even though we all know they never will.
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