#832432, By Peekaboo The *Official* God of War thread (Complete with spoilers)

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    With IG on this, Ares is pretty simple. His first form is easy enough, just use your maxed out Hades magic as you get it all back in the form of blue orbs and smack him with maxed out blades of chaos. The temple area isn't too bad, just keep an eye on the health of the missus. Oh and utilise Rage of the Gods and your infinite magic to even the odds if it gets too mental. Final form, use evasive rolls to keep out of the way of his mountain smash attack and use the circle grapple thing as much as poss to bring his health down and stun him, then hit like buggery. Easy.

    The Centaur thing had me till I realised that you have to get them in the rings, good for levelling up though.

    Awesome game. Might have to pluck up the courage to attempt god mode. Or not......

    As for levelling up, I'd concentrate on the Blades of Chaos, they really do rape things when maxed. Oh and Hades Magic as well. Once you get it that is. Till then WaterBoys Rage is a handy fall back.

    Laur -You haven't fought the Minotaur yet have you ? Oh......Lovely stuff. Not too hard though.
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