#810116, By QuickBen Dangerous dogs.

  • QuickBen 12 Jul 2005 11:42:53 113 posts
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    My first reaction is how do you define a dangerous dog? We had a Corgi - a Corgi ffs, that went schizo and had to be put down after making a real mess of the lad who was delivering milk. And no one in their right mind would ever class corgis as a dangerous breed.

    Then when I think about it a bit more most of the stories that involve kids being savaged to death seem to center on the same breeds. So yeah, maybe any breed that has obviously been bred as an attack / guard dog probably shouldn't be viewed or kept as a family pet.

    In theory aren't they meant to be muzzled when out in public? Not that I suspect this law is ever really inforced? Or indeed helps when they go nuts in a domestic environment.

    And just out of interest where do you draw the line when defining dangerous breeds? To be honest I don't know whether I'd include Alsatians and German Sheppards?
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