#810196, By QuickBen Dangerous dogs.

  • QuickBen 12 Jul 2005 12:12:43 113 posts
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    Lutz wrote:
    Kolmar wrote:
    So are you thinking more along the lines of should dogs be allowed as pets at all then?
    Maybe so... Or maybe we should bring back and enforce the licence.

    Banning dogs!?! In a nation of animal lovers? That's right up there with banning cars in the political suicide stakes :p

    A properly enforced dog licence would be good to protect both the general public and also dogs from unsuitable owners (which ironicaly would see society labeling someone as unfit to keep a dog, but perfectly ok to have and raise children!). The only problem is enforcing it, although isn't it possible to implant ID chips in dogs now which would surely help?
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