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    Pirotic wrote:
    i suppose its good that its getting kids to read, but i really hope they pick up something better once they hit puberty such as His Dark Materials or the Lord of the Rings.

    ... such has His Dark Materials??? I would have agreed that HDM was on par with Harry Potter if Pullman had stopped after the first two books. The third is much too dogmatic and propagandistic --- something JK Rowling steers very clear of. I don't want to get told over and over again why religion sucks, and why all believers are misguided (even though I am an atheist myself).

    Also, the end of Lyra and Will being separated was kind of constructed to create a nice 'tragic' ending. Just look at how much is necessary to make this ending appear logical:
    (a) it is impossible to survive in the wrong world, so both Lyra and Will have to stay in theirs.
    They cannot even visit each other because:
    (b) the Shadows slip through the gaps the knive has made
    (c) the gaps cannot be repaired whic would preclude this slippage
    (d) there remain a few of these interfaces but the angels won't tell Lyra and Will where they are. It is supposed to be better this way (WTF???)

    Point (d) is most bothering. Now there are some who tell Lyra and Will what is best for them. This argues against the main topic of the book, which is about making own choices and not following the path of others (i.e. replacing the 'Kingdom of Heaven' with a 'Republic of Heaven').

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