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    in any large cluster of zombies there'll be a "queen" - they flail there arms more, but don't worry about searching for them. Basically once you kill one (as will happen whenever you clear a bunch of the clustered undead) an insect will start buzzing around (provided you've passed the cutscene that introduces the queens that I'm geussing you have (it's the one where Frank stamps on the bug and the nearby zombie heads explode).

    anyway - when near a buzzing queen you can grab it, much like any other weapon (a button prompt pops up) and once grabbed you'll have what looks like a jam jar in your inventory, which is basically a trapped queen in said jar.

    select jam jar as weapon and then use when surrounded by zombies. Frank'll smash the jar and kill the queen and all nearby zombies drop dead. It's basically a close range smart bomb that's handy for getting out of sticky situations and in particular helping AI civillians without risk of killing other people.
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