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  • QuickBen 26 Jul 2005 20:29:17 113 posts
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    I love the 2D Worms Games, and we still play 'em more than just about anything else in our lunchtime gaming sessions. With that in mind we tried the Worms 4 demo and...

    If you compare it to the 2D version it just doesn't stand up. If you treat it as a game in its own right without referencing the 2D versions its ok. I quite like it, but some of the other Worms fans I work with hate it. It is however much better than Worms Forts.

    For me the transition to 3D lost the fun factor for lobing things around. The side on view lets you pull off some class grenade lobs. The 3D version makes it so much harder to judge angles and power so hitting things feels like luck more than skill.

    Also the 2D maps are all way flatter than the 2D ones, which just seems to take away some of the fun. IMHO the map in the demo sucks which doesn't help.

    I'll probably still get Worms 4 as it seems to be up for 20. Mainly for just a few multiplayer laughs.

    Roll on the PSP and DS versions :-)
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