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    rauper on Play.com - "The real key tho, is that they don't pay VAT and more and more reports are emerging about people being charged the VAT on their doorstep by postmen"

    I guess I must be lucky then, because I've never had this problem with Play.com. Over the last ten months I've bought dozens of items from them, including several fairly pricey box sets and a couple of new PC games that should have been more than enough to go over the 18 VAT barrier. Has anyone else had this problem with Play.com, because I did a few quick searches on Google and couldn't find any mention of it anywhere online either.

    One thing you certainly can take Play.com to task for though is their shipping - orders often takes three or four days to arrive. They must send them across the Channel by carrier pigeon or something to avoid Customs. ;)

    As for the EuroGamer Store, the basic design is stylish and clean. Apart from the serious lack of stock at the moment, my only real criticism would be that the half-black, half-grey photos look kinda daft. Rob looks like a middle-aged teacher with that big grey beard, Kristan seems to have turned into a chimp, Martin's become some kind of nocturnal Almost-Invisible Man, and Tom .. well, I'm not sure what to make of that pic - he appears to have lost his ears and nose since I last saw him.

    Oh, and I agree with otto - you need to stock Death Teddies. :
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