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    disussedgenius wrote:
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    I think I'll save my sandwich for tomorrow - we had rice and meatballs in curry sauce today at lunch. Excellent! =)
    1) I hate you

    2) How's WoF coming along?

    1) =P

    2)Sadly, our only programmer have had to take a paid job for a month or so (perhaps longer), so at the moment nothing is happening. I'm really gutted, but I hope he'll be back at full speed as soon as he can. To be fair to him he has spent almost all his time on this project but without any income for quite some time he had no choice. We had hoped to release a demo pre-Euro 2008 but sadly that was not to be.. Having said all this, we still plan to work on it and release something asap.. No inspiration or motivation is missing - only real life complicates things sometimes. =/
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