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    blize, everyone laughs at you when you talk about football, but it doesnt seem to matter to you. People laugh at Chelsea about Shevva, Duff, SWP, Parker, Deco, Malouda, Ferreira, Veron, Crespo and god knows who else and it doesnt matter to Chelsea.

    Its a move that didnt work out, we dont lose too much money (odd that blize seems to know exactly how much when noone else does...although he probably got it off the font of all knowledge that is RAWK) - maybe 2mil tops I'm guessing since he wont have made enough appearances, Spurs get back a fantastic player and Keane goes back to a club where he'll fit right with a manager who rates him. Win win win.

    I just wish it had worked as he's a fantastic player who in hindsight was never going to work in a 4-2-3-1 unless Gerrard went wide right. The number 7 shirt really is cursed :(
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