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    blize you're a thick cunt.

    Now for the more verbose point, put in less Daily Mail/Mirror/Sun headliney terms, please try to follow. Your boring one man crusade of righteous indignation against Liverpool is utterly utterly pathetic. I'm pretty sure it can all be traced back to the 2005 CL semi which was probably your first proper season of following football. In fact, if I think back to the start of this thread is probably about right (notice how in the first post you arent even listed), even though you were a regular poster at the time. Seriously, dry your eyes, it was 4 years ago, you've won against us since. I know it was probably the first time football made you cry, and maybe there wasnt any pudding around, but its really time to move on.

    You suck up tabloid and forum soundbites with absolutely zero, I mean zero comprehension of football and regurgitate them as your own. You latch on to headlines which are aimed at people with little understanding and are designed just to get people wound up and acting like a baying mob. When it comes to football, you're the equivalent of someone who reads EG's faceoffs and takes them as serious, genuine journalism then posts in the comments expressing your rage.

    I really dont understand why you bother trying to troll Liverpool on here. The few who still bother to post regularly (mh, faux, Truk and a couple of others - some like Hunty and Regurgitator sadly no longer hang around as much as they did) are decent, respectful and knowledgeable about the game in complete contrast to yourself. I really cant comprehend why you are continually looking to get a rise out guys like that.

    Sure "banter" is one thing (although sadly around the time you started posting in here regularly things started to go way beyond that and become more windup-y), but I genuinely think you post most anti-"Liverlol"/"Fat Spanish Waiter" crap than you do about your own team. Of course, its not all down to you, I could probably name at least another 5 people who try the same boring attention seeking F365 tactics.

    However, your lack of respect is totally symptomatic of the forum reading, armchair fan who feels the only way to show how much they really love their club is by demonstrating how much they hate another team. I've seen it with people who started following in Arsenal in late 90's. You can tell them because for some reason they also have a real hatred for Liverpool, whereas there was always a mutual respect between the two sets of fans, even after the '89 mugging. Same goes for newer Everton fans who have that same bitchiness. Of course, it goes the same way, there are idiots like yourself supporting Liverpool too - you probably know quite a few of them due to your quite frankly bizarre habit of reading LFC internet forums. For what its worth, most of them get laughed at too, although perhaps not to the same degree as you get on here. Either way, you're the only person who takes them seriously and, perhaps more relevant, seems to tailor his posts to them, even though they are on different forums...

    If you were a Manc, I could understand it. If you were a Juventus fan I could understand it. Shit, I'd even understand it if you were an Everton fan. As it is though, you just keep coming across as an angry little boy who is desperate for someone to hate on. Lose the emo. Lose the belief that validation for supporting Chelsea comes from hating another team. Enjoy your own successes, not others failures (unless its the Mancs). Its ok to admit you started liking football when they started winning things. It happens...you dont need to overcompensate and show that as a "life long Blue" you've had it drummed into you that the nasty Scousers are all making fun of you.

    If you want to try the banter thing, watch how grown ups do it...kalel and morriss can take a dig at Arsenal, TH14 and Dougs can give it back...but its done in a good natured way, built on mutual respect. ecu and Gretters can send it Liverpools way, and again, they're mature enough to know when to avoid the line (just about in ecu's case :p). If you want a masterclass in good natured banter towards Liverpool, just read Trowels posts. Oh and Sid Nice can take the piss out of Newcastle better than anyone I know. Errr... On the flipside, you have the Latins, The Bodybuilders and the ecosses (when theres an opportunity to get an anti-English dig in). At least make some effort to move more towards them as they at least appear to have some sense of self control. Sometimes.

    All I'm trying to say is, basically..noone here gives a shit about your blind hate. It never gets a reaction from its intended target beyond people laughing at you. To be honest, Liverpool fans in general dont care about Chelsea fans not liking us anyway because...well...you're not a team we care about. Its like the English thinking Brazilians and Germans give a shit about a "rivalry" when we play them. Its pretty much the same for Mancs and Arsenal fans too. Oh and even Spurs fans fwiw.

    I'm sure when you mature a bit, you'll look back on these days and think "wow, I really was a Fergal Hunter wasnt I?" and realise that debating your own team, or at least debating in a grown up manner about other teams is a far better use of your time, and alot more gratifying.

    Since you idolise him by the way, could i get your response on these articles?

    Mourinho was ready to blame the press for his team's exit from the Champions League and railed against the iniquity of a system that punishes his players but excuses others like Ronaldinho.
    Mourinho's blame game fingers everyone but himself

    Hint: All managers do it, especially in public. Ferguson has made a career out of deflecting negative attention off of him and his team and it seems to have helped. Oh wait, thats a football point and probably went over your head.

    Whats the "current employment" comment all about btw?

    Here come his "Oh its just Furbs usual rant against me" post

    But yeah, I think the top point summed it up best.
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