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    FairgroundTown wrote:
    boabg wrote:
    They are raking in cash, they just give it all to themselves, players, agents and the bank.
    Fixed ;)

    too true i'm afraid, salaries and loans in the millions + 10 mill last year taken out of the club. All whilst minimising their exposure to bancruptcy by securing majority of the loans with the club itself (like a big mortgage)

    I must admit their long plan of raping the club for a few years (whilst getting in more debt to finance 30mill a season purchases) and then selling on to someone rich for a profit might now be askew. It's as if the Glazers have the largest subprime mortgage in the world with the banks lending them a load of money for a house they can't afford whihc eventually they will have to repossess at a massive loss. fotunatley for the glazers - they own a couple of other houses so they won't be out on the street.
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