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    The Bodybuilder wrote:
    MiniAmin wrote:
    I thought Nik did everything apart from finish. I have tonnes of faith in him. Despite sounding like a madman i'd say he played well.

    Eboue was very good. Defensively he's comparable to Sagna, but when he's a attacking with the ball he's far more dynamic than Sagna. Whereas Sagna will always try and cross it or play it along the ground, Eboue will run at defenders, or cut in and run through the middle, or shoot, or pass etc.

    No....just, no.
    Playing burnley at home is not comparable.
    Attacking wise, eboue is far better. But they aren't even in the same league defensively. Sagna is our best defender when it comes to 1-on-1 situations. I don't think a player has ever tormented arsenal via the right side.

    Eboue is about 90% leg and that's his problem defensively. I remember some of his attacks when he first lined out, he'd get the ball played to him and it would go to his feet and he'd lose all sight of it. He's improved in that department and I don't see why he can't do the same in a defensive roll.
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