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    To be fair, I'd love it (TM KK) if Bellamy were English. He's a cunt right enough, but there's *something* I like about him (quite apart from the fact he's a bloody good footballer).

    For example, can you imagine how he'd have reacted to Mr Chelsea/England's Lion Heart's press conference before the Germany game? He'd be the kind of influence on the training pitch that I think some of the players need*.

    *ie: screaming 'for FUCK'S SAKE Aaron/Shaun/Theo/whoeverotherthanBeckhamorJohnson, you useless wanker!' as another cross disappears off the pitch, then setting about aforementioned useless wanker with a sand wedge.

    ...and then not adding '...but you're, like, really quick at running, so it's okay.'
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