#6879674, By comradetony So... anybody going bald yet?

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    Started losing my hair at 13-14, which was probably the WORST age for it to begin. Asking girls out at that age was bad enough, without having a haircut like Jason Voohees in the early Friday the 13th Films.

    By 15 I had a huge bald crown and my hair line had pretty much receeded to that area too. I started having Number 1 head shaves well before I left school. This also irritated me being a heavy metal fan, and I wanted long hair :(

    I never went completely bald though, it halted at about 16 years old. I'm nearly 30 now and so long as I keep my head shaved (it needs to be close, or the outline of my remaining hair looks abysmal), I look absolutely fine.

    The simplicity of a head shave means I can do my own hair as well (Well, the missus can tidy the back if i mess up), i'm probably the only man I know who has never been in a barbers in his life!

    Still, I laugh at my old school friends who are starting to whine about losing their hair now at 28-29... I don't have a lot of sympathy TBH!
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