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  • atholl 9 Aug 2005 13:33:24 85 posts
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    chacha wrote:
    which is better, fist of fury (bruce lee) or fist of legend (jet li).
    i prefer legend for some reason, just tyhe fight scenes so\\much more memorable

    I like Fist of Legend : its Jet's hommage to Bruce, so during the film he pays tribute to his jeet kun do by using whatever style is needed to kick ass in that particular situation : from joint locks (hapkido/chin-na) at the beginning, to capoiera, thai boxing, and even 'brucie style' when he's fighting that karate master - who only saves his own ass in that blindfold scene by adopting bruces 'take anything that works' jeet kun do principle.

    'my fist is more powerful'

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