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    As promised, I'm releasing an alpha version of my Neverwinter Nights module - The Lord Of Blight: Chapter One - for those of you who want to give it a spin. It's only about 800kb, and you can download it here.

    Some quick notes about this release -

    1) To install the mod, unpack the zip file into your Neverwinter Nights directory, making sure to enable "use folder names". You should end up with the module in the module folder and a new character in your localvault folder. You MUST use this character (a first level ranger called "Unknown") when you play the module - the game won't make any sense otherwise. Don't worry though - as you progress through the game the character will develop according to your actions, and obviously as you earn experience you can choose which character classes / skills etc you want to develop as you gain levels.

    2) This is an alpha test version, not the finished product. As such there are several NPCs who don't have conversations yet - Joey and the adventurers, the female survivor sitting in a chair in the temple, and a few of the people you'll meet wandering around town. So if you come across someone who says "NPC NOT FINISHED - move along, move along" to you, don't be too surprised. ;) One of the subquests is also incomplete, because I'm waiting for Bioware to add rats in the v1.27 patch that's due out soon - you should be able to figure out which one that is if you come across it.

    3) Feedback and bug reports are welcome! You should be able to play through the entire module from beginning to end, so if you find anything that stops you from doing that let me know. I have tested everything, but the Neverwinter Nights toolset has an uncanny ability to cause even the simplest of scripts to self-destruct for no obvious good reason, so it is possible that something that worked fine for me a few days ago has ceased to function since then. Please though, if your bug report / feedback includes significant spoilers e-mail it to me instead of posting it in the thread! :)

    4) This is a non-linear mod, in the sense that although the start and end are always the same, the bit in between offers you a lot of freedom. You can rush through the main quest in under half an hour, or you can spend an hour or more wandering around town exploring every nook and cranny and talking to everyone you meet. Obviously this means that I may not have tried every possible combination of actions. So if you find a conversation option or something that doesn't make any sense based on the choices you've made during the game, let me know. On the other hand, if you get to a point in the game where there's something you would like to do that I haven't thought of, e-mail me the details and if it's sensible and not too difficult to code I'll add the option. I want to give players as much freedom as possible in how they approach the game.

    5) Your actions will influence how your character is developed. This is still undergoing some fine-tuning, so don't be surprised when characters spout a number in the middle of a conversation - that's just a debug script letting me know that your alignment is being adjusted and what the running total is.

    6) You might want to save the game when you first arrive in the temple, as there currently isn't an option to skip the opening cutscene. I'm going to see if that's possible, as I hate non-skippable cutscenes as much as the next man. :)

    And a few notes about the module itself -

    1) This is a single player module. It WILL NOT WORK with more than one player. So don't even think about playing it online. ;)

    2) This is a role-playing module. As such there is a lot of plot, dialogue and character development and very little combat. In fact, if you just stick to the central quests you won't have to fight anything. There will be slightly more combat in the final version, but not much. Also note that you can't just skip through the conversations because a) you'll miss all the fun, and b) nothing will make any sense to you. Pay attention to what is being said, and (*shock*) role-play your character. If you want him to be a mean, self-centered bastard who constantly covers his own ass at other people's expense, you're free to do so. On the other hand, if you want him to be a goody-two-shoes that's possible as well.

    3) This is the first part of a planned trilogy. The other two episodes will take you out into the countryside and include a lot more combat, but obviously there was a lot of scene-setting to be done in the first episode.

    4) If you want sub-Pratchett comedy, please look elsewhere. Parts of this module (mostly the side quests and non-core NPCs) are (hopefully) fairly amusing and there are quite a few easter eggs and nods to films / books / games, but the central quest is definitely not funny, and it's only going to get darker over the next two episodes.

    Anyway, I think that's about it. Grab the module and let me know what you think. :) Depending on how you play it it should last you anything from half an hour to an hour and a half or more and, as I said, there are still a few NPCs and subquests that will be added in before the final release.

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