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    I've been looking around for a new 42" Panasonic and have seen a few that I like. The difficult question is do I spend 1200 on a brand new 3D TV or save some money and go for standard HD?

    I can't remember the model number, but the 3D TV displays 1080p at 600hz and has all the features of a high end HDTV. It also comes with two pairs of glasses and a "free" 3D Blu-Ray player. Me and the other half love watching 3D movies and the 3D picture quality looked amazing when we demoed it in the shop. I suppose the big question is whether 3D is going to catch on because I don't want to end up with a non 3D set and regret it in a years time.

    The reviews I've read on this model are very good also. I'm hoping someone has some information regarding the future of 3D which will help me decide.
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