#8305667, By Farzlepot Best console ever :)

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    If by 'best' we mean 'favourite', that's hard to call. But I'll make a list anyway:

    1) Sega MegaDrive - I had years of entertainment out of this thing. It's still connected to my TV as I write this, in fact.

    2) Xbox 360 - My trusty Xbox has never done me wrong, and it's given me some of the most fantastic gaming experiences of my life since I got it.

    3) Sega Dreamcast - I have such a fondness for this console and I can't explain why. Some of its games were insane, others visionary, and all fantastic. I just love it - I love holding the controller, holding the chunky little white box, the noises it makes when it boots up... everything.

    4) Sega Saturn - Much maligned, but still a great thing. Panzer Dragoon Saga? Tomb Raider? Virtua Fighter? Daytona? Sega Rally? NiGHTS? Yes please.

    5) Nintendo 64 - I didn't play many games on it. I couldn't afford to. And my thumbs would protest if I tried. But those I did play were some of the best ever made.
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