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    kalel wrote:
    Saturn had some good games, but is arguably the worst "big three" console ever. It was by far the worst out of that, the N64 and the Playstation.
    If you're into arcade-style gaming and can play Japanese Saturn games, Saturn is a PlayStation's very strong rival, whereas N64 barely has anything playable in this department. I can think only of Sin & Punishment, a handful of not-too-awful fighters and F-Zero X - perhaps the first polygonal racer running at 60 fps on a console. Maybe Mischief Makers and Bangai-O, if you take some liberties with the term "arcade-style". Pretty small number for the generation of finally "arcade-perfect" ports.
    On top of that, I can think of merely one polygonal N64 game looking exquisitely good for its time, namely 1080 Snowboarding (still pretty good character animations) and F-Zero X deserves a mention for not looking like shit while being fast and smooth as is. Add to this no RGB output (which in my book makes the whole library good for emulation at best) and you end up with a system I do not wish I owned.
    Oh yes, Nintendo took a huge dump on 2D graphics with N64 too. Not cool.

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