#8327823, By jimnastics Best console ever :)

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    Wow... this is tough! For pure enjoyment and time played:

    1. N64 (Zelda: OoT, Banjo Kazooie, Mario 64, Mario Kart 64... utterly magical)
    2. Megadrive (Nearly first! So many memories, around the age (13ish) I started to really get into games.)
    3. PS1 (seemed such an awesome leap from Megadrive for me, played many link-up Doom deathmatch all-nighters)
    4. Mastersystem (where it all began for me, not counting speccy etc.)
    5. PS2

    Honestly, the current gen don't hold a candle. I'm sure DC and Saturn would have been high on my list if I ever had one.... been planning to buy for many years, one day I'll do it. Never had a NES or SNES either, woe is me.
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