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    I have most of the main consoles set up at the moment, and even though I was a Megadrive kid I think the SNES takes it, I'm always playing it. The third party support was just incredible and the hardware really made the Megadrive look (and sound) old.

    That being said it was almost mandatory to mod the system to play imports.

    To rate all my consoles in a completely arbitrary fashion:

    1. US SNES + UK SNES
    2. JP Megadrive + UK Megadrive/Mega CD/32x
    3. US NES
    4. PS1
    5. Dreamcast
    6. PS2
    7. Saturn
    8. Atari 2600
    9. Master System
    10. N64 (Sorry!)
    11. Gamecube

    PS3 omitted due to this being a retro thread, and because it's basically my least favourite anyway. Don't own any Microsoft consoles, not worth owning a 360 just for Forza and Trials and their other exclusives... don't really do it for me.
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