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    ilmaestro wrote:
    So is the sequel just an upgraded version of the game more than an actual "sequel"?
    Sort of. The plot's different and it is set later, but you're probably not really playing for the plot. That's 2 vs 1. The only upside to the first is easier access to the black hole minigame and resulting cheese artifacts, as far as I remember. Reboot vs 2 is just an upgrade - people shouldn't really be selling 2 any more, since Reboot is "just" 2 with more missions translated and late patch work that never got localized applied.

    I've still held off getting Reboot because I played 2 to death, unusually, so I'm not sure I'd really want to spend much more time with it even enhanced, especially when I have so much I haven't even touched. Tempting price, though.

    Oh, and consider King's Bounty: The Legend if you like this. It's by roughly the same people and similarly cracked.
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