#6295092, By Gradius Is Final Fantasy IX woth a punt?

  • Gradius 20 Jun 2010 18:26:04 2,303 posts
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    FF VII - 9/10
    FF VIII - 6/10
    FF IX - 8/10
    FF X - 10/10
    FF X2 - 4/10
    FF XII - 2/10
    FF XIII - 5/10

    N.B. FF XII was a festering sloth turd of a game, rubbish battle system, boring characters, long winded/boring story, too slow moving, starwars rip-off locales (which wasn't a good thing), etc, the only FF game ever created that I didn't bother completing and I wish I'd never played it. Utter shite. XIII isn't much better either. XI was nice though, apart from the main character Zidane, he's basically a ghey monkey who transforms into a naked ghey monkey with pink pubic hair whilst in trance mode, apart from that though, good stuff... In fact, maybe that made it better, not sure...
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