#95809, By martu Dark side of the moon -kubrick faked moon landing film documentary, has anyone else seen this?

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    FWB wrote:
    martu, that site's arguments seem as valid as anything I've seen on the other side. He simply states things and provides few secondary sources. I can claim to be an astrophysicist and write a page on it.

    But he is an astronomer, he's claiming nothing regarding that:

    My name is Philip Plait and I work at the physics and astronomy department at Sonoma State University, a member of the California State University system. The campus is about 60 kilometers north of San Francisco. I am currently working on a NASA-sponsored public outreach program for a satellite named GLAST (Gamma Ray Large Area Space Telescope)

    There is ample evidence that NASA went to the moon yet no evidence that they didn't - skeptics say NASA went, end of story. Unless you have evidence they didn't?
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