#96012, By martu Dark side of the moon -kubrick faked moon landing film documentary, has anyone else seen this?

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    FWB wrote:
    A list, please.

    Astronomy Links

    should give a you a link to a lot of academic websites where everyone working in that field agrees we went to the moon. OK?

    FWB wrote:
    I shall take it you aren't a layman then, correct? You too are working in these departments, correct? You know every single person working in the industries you've mentioned, correct? What's "level headed", by the way? Is that an individual who thinks like you? I'm fucked then.

    No I'm an amateur astronomer and I just happen to have respect for the opinions of those that have trained so hard to give themselves a career in this field. I am aware that an appeal to authority is a logical fallacy but why don't you believe those that have studied it for so long?
    Level headed in this case is believing we went because that's what the evidence suggests, the physics for getting people there and back is all good and there is no evidence they didn't go. No evidence at all.

    FWB wrote:
    I hold no disbelieving stance because there is nothing to believe. You're making incredibly sweeping comments. I haven't denied I'm in the minority, but you seem to think I'm by myself on this one, which clearly isn't the case in the public, nor in the "scientific community".

    No one respected in the field unless you can give me an example??
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