#96023, By martu Dark side of the moon -kubrick faked moon landing film documentary, has anyone else seen this?

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    FWB wrote:
    Actually no, that list is not ok. It just covers UK groups.
    I asked for a list, btw, not a link.

    Fair enough - I can't give you a list so I can't prove my claim but I stand by it.

    Show me evidence. You've yet to do that.
    You still haven't provided any evidence. Rock and mirrors (both of which you ignored my reply to) and a few videos (plus sound bites, shall we say) do not equal evidence.

    I have you've just chosen to ignore it - mirrors could not have been put on the moon by unmanned probes (you could prove me wrong here of course, I look forward to it) and we have 800lbs (guess) of moon rock that contains 3 minerals not found on earth. Unmanned probes again? What evidence would be satisfactory for you, your own trip?

    For the landings to be faked hundreds of people would have had to be in on the conspiracy and they would have had to have kept silent to the present day - likely? OK not evidence but I'm unsure of your standard. This was touched on earlier but can you give me one good reason why the Russians went along with it?

    Just take a look at any numerous documentaries that have graced our sets or do an internet search and I'll put money down that there are individuals working "in the field" who will agree with me (actually its more a case of me agreeing with them).

    And what's with this term "respected"? "Respected" as in agreeing with you?

    Not one of those documentaries has any evidence that we didn't go - to be honest most of the claims are laughable.

    Respected means published (academically) and open to peer review - my opinion has nothing to do with it.
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