#96180, By martu Dark side of the moon -kubrick faked moon landing film documentary, has anyone else seen this?

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    Morning. Not sure if you're still interested but you asked questions so I'll answer them.

    FWB wrote:
    Fine. So as you see I have no reason to believe you.


    FWB wrote:
    You personally use these mirrors, do you?

    I'm afraid I don't have a laser powerful enough at home but they are there as verified by (independent) observational data, if you believe that's all made up then I don't know what to say.

    FWB wrote:
    Of course it wasn't taken from this planet, right?

    3 minerals not found on Earth were not taken from this planet no. By definition.

    FWB wrote:
    More than a video and a rock, that's for sure.

    But what? Give me one example of a piece of evidence that would please you because I have a feeling nothing, short of you going there, would.

    You don't know much about politics, I take it? Thousands of people are involved in numerous secret projects round the globe. The public gets lied to constantly and many swallow it even with today's communication. Its not hard. It'd been even easier in the 60s when the internet didn't exist.

    Yeah, yeah and the Illuminati (sp?) are running the world. Politics has little to do with it - you're talking about hundreds of scientists being in on a conspiracy and not one of them wanting to earn themselves a fortune by spilling the beans.

    "Cos its not possible!"
    "Says who?"
    Get the picture?

    No I don't - the Russians had the technology to track Apollo 11. So you're saying at the height of the Cold War with each side fighting it out in propaganda, seeking any advantage, the Russians didn't mention that JFK's promise wasn't fulfilled and in fact the great, free democracy of the west has been lying? Even without this statement lots of people don't believe it happened as it is, surely it would have been enough?

    The point is I need no evidence because it is up to you to prove to me that it occurred. There is not enough evidence for that.

    God exists. Disprove it.

    *sigh* there is enough evidence but I ask again what would convince you? Please give me some idea.

    Which God?

    Oh, yes, your opinion has very much to do with it. I can see that from here, but that doesn't make it invalid. Anyway, I never denied that I'm probably in the minority with my thoughts (I'm sure I am), but like I said, I need something more substantial before I believe it.

    Not at all - academically respected has nothing to do with my opinion. I may know little about politics but you know f all about science.
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