#96085, By Moonbender New Apple Macs (sorry everyone)

  • Moonbender 23 Jun 2003 23:56:40 407 posts
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    Beats me. Well not really, it's not too hard to waste computing power, any modern application is testament to that, but office style applications certainly don't need that kind of power.

    Then again, operating systems have always scaled nicely along with the hardware, that is the system requirements for operating systems - both on the x86 and on the Apple platform - have always risen rather fast. OS X got a lot of bad press for running terrible in its first revisions. Later versions got better, but I assume resource usage is still significant.

    Applications for the computing power (in a desktop, that is) are stuff like video editing and encoding, desktop publishing, high resolution image editing, the whole shebang. All traditional Apple genres. 3D modeling and rendering, too. Research also eats away any processing power you throw at it, although serious research doesn't bother with desktops, of course.

    As I said, you can make up any number of possible applications, the fact remains that most people won't need it since they're mainly writing letters, and writing letters hasn't changed significantly in the past few years.
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