#973681, By steven Do you believe in God?

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    Khanivor wrote:
    steven wrote:
    Gotta congratulate you on one of the most impressive non-answers I think I have ever read.

    Thanks, your question wasn't particularly informative either. :p

    My experience? You mean my relationship with God?

    My question, being a question, isn't meant to infrom it is meant to enquire.

    I wanted to know the nature of the experiences that you have had that can only be explained by the presence and intervention in your life of a divine being. You have said that you have experienced things which have left you in no doubt that God was in your life. What were these experiences?

    Your question could have used more clarity that's for sure.

    My experiences? Communication. I speak to God, he speaks to me. I can't exactly explain the process, but he does.
    But this might sound like a cop-out but it isn't... such things are better experienced rather than explained.
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