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    You know how some B-movies are so bad they're good? And some of them are so bad you just want to drink yourself to death? That's what watching Gervinho is like. If a League-2 defence can figure him out in the space of 70 minutes, then what the fuck is he doing at Arsenal? He needs to go, and I mean that in a "Avon Barksdale talking about Little-Man"-way (the Wire season 1).

    And Chamakh? Why did he even take a penalty in the first place? The cunt clearly couldn't give a shit. I've never seen a a more lackadaisical approach to a penalty shoot-out in all my years of watching football (I'm 23). If I was Wenger I'd banish him to train with the the under-16s for the rest of the season, and surely there must be a clause in his contract against bad performances?

    I couldn't care less if we didn't bring anyone in in January, as long as these 2 painfully unfunny clowns were let go.

    /copied and pasted from Arsenal group. Have I been GI'd? :D
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