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    FWB wrote:
    Chelsea are not all that. They got a jammy win against us, when we should have been out of sight against them. They struggle against any decent opposition. How they won the CL... well we know how.

    As for Rodgers... agree he is overrated. Thought Liverpool could do better than him, but seems better didn't want to know. They are where they are cos of one cunt... sorry man. I could manage them and get them there. Rodgers got lucky with Swansea and has been coasting on it. Says a lot about the team and group of players they have at Liberty. Top notch. Hope Michu stays there, thou no doubt he won't.

    We have them on Sat and they are owed a victory against us, so not looking forward to it.
    :D Don't worry we won't be able to cope with Fellani and will probably lose by at least 2 goals.
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