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  • eviltobz  18 May 2006 18:31:24 2,609 posts
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    see how crap i am at keeping up with eg threads these days.

    anyway. lackeying is good and all, but there is firstly the problem of can you even get to the required place with various zones having level limits, and a lack of travel powers doesn't help either. secondly the bigger problem of lackey up someone really low level to a high level and they only have a couple of powers, with a couple of slots, and only TOs, and probably not even good ones at that, but cos they're TOs they aint worth buying so you just tend to slot what you find. my bestest villain being a low level kinetic means that all my stuff needs tohit rolls. no acc SOs in AV fights means my heals and slows and stuff are never going to be anywhere near reliable enough to be of any value.
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